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Ticket Home (Strangers on a Train)

Ticket Home - Serena Bell This reunited lovers story didn't work for me at all, partly because I'm usually not a fan of the trope. But there are some books with this theme that I love, and the two other stories in this anthology that I've read have been so great, so I decided to give Ticket Home a try. The main problem I had with this story was the conflict that led to the breakup. The heroine leaves the hero because he's a workaholic, which, fine, that's definitely stressful for a relationship, but she never tried to discuss that with him while they were together. It made it impossible to understand her anger and resentment, and I felt annoyed on the hero's behalf. He works his ass off to make a success of his company, and his girlfriend walks out without ever giving the tiniest hint what the problem was. And while the heroine does come to realize this near the end, it was too late for me.