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The Mane Event (Pride Stories Series #1)

The Mane Event - Shelly Laurenston "Sissy reeked of warmth, honesty, and a slight insanity that made Dez completely comfortable."That line perfectly describes Laurenston's books for me. I didn't love this one. It was actually two stories, and both of them involved commitment-phobic heroines and heroes who fall in love at first site. The first story had Mace in love with Dez since he was 14. He hadn't seen her since, but he had already decided she was the one for him when the story started. Not my favorite trope--it was a done deal from page one and while Laureston's voice and style were as enjoyable as ever I didn't care about this couple. The second story was better...several scenes of Ronnie and Brendon getting to know each other and having a blast. I liked seeing how those two genuinely liked each other.