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Power Play

Power Play - Charlotte Stein More like 2.5 stars. There's a lot I liked about this Birth of a Dom story. A woman goes from falling into a submissive role in a sort of BDSM "relationship" with her superior at work. When that ends abruptly, she falls into the dom role with a subordinate, learning as she goes along and enjoying (and worrying over) every minute of it. There were few things that bothered me about the story, plot-wise. The only two that really jump to mind: not enough buildup to that scene with Aiden, so it felt a bit random; and the whole Woods stuff near the end. No, what really took away from the story for me was the strange, almost cryptic prose coupled with the first person POV. I like cryptic, but if you're writing in the first person that's just not going to work. I couldn't get a handle on who Eleanor was--I actually understood Ben and even Woods more than I did her. It was a huge distraction, and because I had no idea where she was coming from, everything she thought and did felt almost out of character. This story would have rated a lot higher if either it had written in the third person or if the prose were more straight forward. As it is it makes for an awkward, frustrating reading experience.