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Cowboy Casanova: Rough Riders Series, Book 12

Cowboy Casanova - Lorelei James I haven't read Lorelei James in a while, but when I saw that she wrote a BDSM story I was a bit amused, so I decided to try it. Why amused? Because every Rough Riders' book I've read has a scene where the hero tells the heroine that he's in charge when it comes to sex, at all times, so she needs to be able to handle that if they're to get it on. How different will this romance be with a BDSM label on it?As it turns out, it's not very different at all. There's a BDSM club, there are safe words, there's the use of various instruments and contraptions, but the hero and heroine--and the sex--are pretty typical of this series. It's still an enjoyable read if you like the series, but if you're hoping that James changed things up, you'll be disappointed.