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Sweet Addiction (Sweet, #6)

Sweet Addiction (Sweet, #6) - Maya Banks I liked the idea much more than the execution. Ren was Cole's first love, and he left her for what I thought was a really immature reason. He never got over her. Ren, while never forgetting him, was able to move and have several successful D/s relationships. She's currently in a fufulling relationship with Lucas, and, wow. Let me just say that the whole 24/7 D/s thing makes no sense to me whatsoever, but Maya Banks did such a great job with Ren and Lucas's characterizations, especially Ren's, that I had no trouble getting into it. And then Cole happened. I just did not care about him or Ren's feelings for him. To be fair, I'm not a fan of the whole reunited first loves trope, so that right there was a hill that not many authors can get me to climb. But the reason for him leaving her was just so petty, and while I could believe that both he and Ren would feel some bittersweet nostalgia for that time in their lives, I could not accept that their feelings for each other would still be so strong. For that reason, the ending just didn't work for me (though there are plenty of stories out there where I would have loved such an ending).