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Trust in Me (Dark Erotica)

Trust in Me - Skye Warren I have no problem with angst or dark, even depressing stories. I do have a problem with torture porn. I'm not just talking about physical violence--which, while Trust in Me had plenty, isn't what I object to. No it's when nothing but bad things happen to a character that it becomes almost farcical. After a while it's, "Oh come on! How much shit can happen to one person?" Mia has never had a single moment of happiness in her life. Raped by her father throughout her childhood until she ran away, she became a prostitute to survive, until Carlos, a crime boss, "rescues" her, only to turn her into his own personal sex toy/punching bag. Tyler, a childhood neighbor of Mia's who she always had a crush on, infiltrates Carlos' lair in an attempt to rescue the women he plans to sell as sex slaves. I won't bother with details of the plot--it wasn't bad, but I felt the writing was a bit spotty and it was hard to tell what was going on. Maybe that was deliberate, since this was told in Mia's POV. My problem with this story--other than the constant misery suffered by Mia--is the relationship. Mia has never been anything but a man's plaything, it's all she knows, and she therefore has a very low opinion of men (who can blame her). And while she believes Tyler is a decent guy, she also knows that he's a man and isn't surprised when he treats her like men have always treated her. We're supposed to believe that Tyler has good intentions, even when Mia mentally calls Tyler out on his shit she ignores those feelings because she wants to be with him. Like when he wants sex when she's bruised and bloody--Mia knows that that's fucked up, thinks that he just a man like every other man, but still want him. And what kills me is that, considering her history, all of that makes perfect sense for Mia. I can't argue that any of her thinking or actions is not realistic or consistent. What I do take issue with is the framing the ending as a happily ever after. It may be what Mia wanted, it may make sense for her to feel that way, but it's certainly not a good thing. A happy-for-now would have worked better for me, with Tyler being her first stop on the road to better life.