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The Bro-Magnet (Nice Guy, #1)

The Bro-Magnet (Nice Guy, #1) - Lauren Baratz-Logsted I had to DNF this one. I just couldn't accept the premise. I'm supposed to believe that a man who's as popular among men as Johnny is so hopeless with women? Then the disgusting conversation with his lesbian friend, where she tells him that he's an idiot for not raping--because, yes, that would have most definitely been rape--a woman who was passed out drunk just made the book unreadable. The small bit I read reminded me too much of self-described Nice Guys complaining about woman only preferring jerks. In my experience, those guys aren't "nice" at all. I really don't want to see one as the hero of a book. That said, I found the author's style appealing, and while this book was a disaster for me, I will definitely browse through her other books.