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To Have and To Hold

To Have and To Hold - Patricia Gaffney You know how, in many historicals, there's this bad guy who the heroine is forced to be in close contact with? Maybe her guardian, or the man her family is pushing her to marry, or her employer--whoever he is, he wants her, and takes advantage of the fact that she's under his control. The hero has to rescue the heroine, because this guy can't be reasoned with. That guy? He's the hero of To Have and to Hold. Look, I like morally ambiguous characters as much as the next person, but there's nothing ambiguous about Sebastien. This man gets off on hurting Rachel, and offers her a job with the intention of raping her. He loves to fuck with her head and keep her on a terrifying edge at all times. He'll occasionally realize that he's behavior is fucked up but he continues on, because his daddy ignored him and his mommy and big sister are whores. Or something. His redemption consists of being compared to people who are even worse than he is and not being mean to Rachel anymore. He still thinks of her as his possession, doesn't respect a single decision she makes that goes against what he wants, but he gets her a puppy and makes her orgasm, so it's all good.