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The Fling

The Fling - Rebekah Weatherspoon This was a decent read. Really hot, with very well written heroines--I was interested in who they were and where they came from, and cared about where they ended up. The story suffers from some pacing issues and lack of buildup, though. Like Annie's fiance...I get that showing too much of him would risk making Annie unsympathetic, but since so much of the story is Annie and Oksana angsting over Annie breaking up with him, his absence made it impossible to get care about the conflict. The scenes with Annie's mother were just bizarre. She's someone we're told about but never shown until close to the end, and when we do see her her actions are so over-the-top it was hard fit it in with the rest of the story. While I'm a fan of first chapter sex, I would have liked to see the build up with this couple, especially since the book kind of drags in the middle. The romance just happened too fast for me to buy into it. I enjoyed the sex, but the non-sex parts kept teasing me with their potential.