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An Invitation to Sin (Harlequin Presents Series #3146)

An Invitation to Sin - Sarah Morgan Now that's my kind of "bad boy" hero. Luca Corretti is fun. He's rich, good looking, has everything going for him, and while he does have some issues from his childhood there's no big sob story to explain away his choices. He sleeps around and behaves in irresponsible ways simply because he can, which is just what I'd expect from a man of his background. He doesn't brood, because he has no reason to. Life is good and he's enjoying the hell out of it. Taylor Carmichael has been an actress since she was an infant. She's starting work in a film produced by Luca's cousin--a comeback for her, since she's been out of the business for several years do to various scandals (dropped her overbearing mother as her manager when she was 17, got romantically involved with a much older director, had several people betray her to the press...). She wants to put her past behind her and be taken seriously as an actress, which means not doing anything that would create tabloid headlines. She keeps herself under strict control at all times. Taylor and Luca fake an engagement after getting caught in a compromising position. Luca wants to be taken seriously by super conservative board members, and Taylor's under pressure with the movie's producer and director, since they don't want and scandal attached to their film. And that's my only problem with this book--the motivations don't make much sense. I found it hard to believe that a movie producer would fire an actress because of a "scandal." And there's a threat hanging over Taylor's head throughout the story, which had me going, "That's it?!" when it was revealed near the end. Too much angst and drama over something fairly benign, by Hollywood standards. Despite that, I really enjoyed reading how Taylor and Luca interact. They snipe at each other, not in a mean way but like two people with strong personalities who enjoy getting each other to react. He tries to get her to relax and be herself, and she gradually gets him to lower his guard. You could see them growing to like each other and then fall in love, without becoming different people. I could totally see them spending their lives taking turns driving the Ferrari too fast and generally having a blast.