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Night Whispers

Night Whispers - Alisha Rai If James is a beta hero, then I need more beta heroes in my life. He goes out there, does what he has to do, kicks ass while doing it, but he actually feels normal human emotions while doing those things. He's scared shitless a lot of the time and feels completely out of his depth, but that doesn't stop him. What gets boring about the typical alpha romance hero is that--when it comes to dangerous situations--they're like superhuman machines. Sure, it's great that they win in the end, but I don't want them to be so confident that they're going to. It takes a lot more strength to fight when you're terrified and unsure of yourself.Jules is a great heroine, and while the "alpha" of the pair, she's still a person with her own insecurities (there's a point to be a made about the differences between alpha heroes and alpha heroines and why only one is allowed to be vulnerable...). I would have liked for them to have spent more time together face-to-face before the I-love-yous...while I got that they had established an emotional connection long before meeting each other, there's still something about physical presence that can't be replaced. And because I'm a geek about these things, I wanted more details about the zombie virus, the hybrid version, and the various ways they interact and get transmitted, because trying to figure out the particulars from what was written drove me nuts.