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Waking Up Married - Mira Lyn Kelly What's better than a free book that turns out to be awesome? Nothing, that what. This story has all the over-the-top fun of a Harlequin Presents' who-the-hell-are-they-kidding negotiated marriage to a billionaire plot with characters I don't want to disembowel with a rusty spoon. Both the hero and heroine are messed up in ways that make sense, and while Connor is, of course, ridiculously rich and charming, he's not an asshole. He does have his dickish moments though, and he promptly gets put in his place every time, because the heroine? Isn't a clueless doormat. Megan's smart, she's ambitious, she knows who she is, what her strengths and weaknesses are, and she makes realistic plans for her life that might seem out there to some, but make sense considering her past experiences. And Connor just loves that about her. I was rooting for these two from the first page. Bonus point: Connor's relationship with his best friend. I can't think of many romances where men are just allowed to hang with their friends without it being about some suspense plot. It's just a shame Megan got stuck with 3 catty bitches to confide in.