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Veiled Seduction - Alisha Rai I rated this story 3 stars because even though it didn't work for me at all, it's not badly written. My gut reaction was to give it 1 star but that hardly seems fair--I can see why so many like this story.My issues with this story:1. Virgin heroine in a contemporary - Not a big deal, really, since I realize that being annoyed about virgin heroines in Romance would be as ridiculous as hating the HEA. This wouldn't have gotten more than an eye roll for me if so many other things didn't bother me. 2. The hero's reaction when he learned of heroine's virginity - I wanted to punch him in the face at his constant condescension. I'll accept the premise that virginity is a big deal (not what I believe personally, but whatever), but for a man to insist that he can't just have sex with a woman because she's a virgin, and it has to be special, even though the virgin in question tells him several times that, no, actually, she totally wants to have sex like yesterday...well, let's just say he lost his hero status. If it were me I would have told him to go f* himself. 3. The sappiness - yeah, yeah, it's Romance, but it was too much for me. It was just so tooth-achingly sweet, which I'm not a fan of. The whole courtship just dragged on and on so by the time the h/h finally had sex, I had completely lost interest in them. I was actually going to DNF at that point--I stopped to read another book--but I went ahead and finished it since I was so close to the end. All that, and I had assumed Alisha Rai's writing was supposed to be erotic, so I picked up Veiled Seduction expecting a hot read. That's not what I got.